Blissful Experience

Heavenly Hands and Feet

Sit back and indulge in a sole pampering pedicure, or a relaxing manicure.  If you’re on the go a maintenance treat is perfect or take the time to really enjoy all an hour treat will give you.  Add Gel polish and you can put your ski/snowboard or tramping boots back on and you’re ready to go.

Heavenly Hands and FeetManicure Maintenance  (30mins)    $50.00

A basic manicure that treats the cuticles, shapes the nails a nourishing hand cream and nail buff or polish.

Blissful Manicure  (1 hr)     $75.00

A delicious, nourishing delight that will leave your hands looking and feeling their best.  Treatment includes a hand soak, cuticle treatment, nail shaping, a hand and arm massage, nail buff or paint.

Pedicure Maintenance  ( 30 mins)     $60.00

A basic foot treatment that cuts and files the nails, nourishing foot cream and polish

Deluxe Pedicure (1hr) $85.00

Begin your heavenly delight with an delicious foot soak, then a  foot and leg ex-foliation treatment followed by your toenails and cuticles being tidied, then a gentle rasping of the rough skin on the soles.

Now lie back and enjoy your foot and leg massage, finish with polish

Plain Polish Only     $15.00

Gel nail Polish services on request.

“A girl should be two things : Classy & Fabulous “ – Coco Chanel